Company History

Founded in 1982, by the two main shareholders Ron Dodd and Richard Green (which is where the R R came from!), the company started with just a 2-colour stack press. The company has now progressed to four CI presses printing up to 8 colours all capable of high quality end work. With print widths up to 1600 wide and 1250 RPT we can cater all your needs. The team we have built has a great deal of experience in running polythene films and because of the progressive nature of the type of work we are asked to complete, we believe a continual upgrade and training plan is the key to our and our customers success. We are BRC highrisk certified AA Graded.

Our Objectives

Our main objective is to provide the fastest reliable one-stop service for the supply of printed polythene. We achieve this by having what we believe to be the quickest turn-around in the UK and the controls in place to achieve the quality required for the end result. Our repro and plates are all produced in house through our sister company Vieflex, giving us total flexibility and meaning that all artwork is handled by personnel with over 30 years’ experience in this field. As the company, its staff and machinery are dedicated to mailing and packaging films and as this is our area of expertise, we have a specialist knowledge in what our customers require and therefore we can help with the decision making process from the moment a job goes live, giving them valuable advice when required.